God’s own Country

Kerala, formerly an unknown destination that lay secluded without any tourists, rose to glory with the development of the tourism sector. She stands with her head held high when it comes to eco-tourism, providing a plethora of unforgettable experiences to her tourists. This small state in the southwestern state of India has flown to become one of the most attractive destinations. The state has captured the hearts of the people through her unique culture and inglorious traditions. The enchanting backwaters, lush forests, scenic valleys and mountains, beautiful beaches etc. make up some of her many specialties. The aroma of different spices travels across her length and breadth. This God’s own country has much to explore and enjoy.

What’s Special about Hotels in Kerala?

The warm and friendly nature of Keralites is what makes them apart from others. The hospitality you will receive in the beautiful hotels of Kerala is a class apart. Jungle Park resorts is one of the best hotels in Kerala. The state has given rise to some beautiful and well equipped hotels that offer a unique atmosphere of grandness. The stay in these hotels will provide you a richness that complements your experience of enjoying beautiful moments in Kerala. Many of these hotels provide spectacular views of various scenic places, just like Jungle Park resorts.

Hotel in Thekkady

A paradise suitable for nature lovers, Thekkady has managed to procure a significant space in the hearts of tourists. Thekkady is blanketed in greenery. With a rich collection of flora and fauna, the place maintains the beautiful relationship between nature and man. The unspoilt beauty wears her crown during winters, making her gorgeous and even more attractive. If you are in Kerala, never miss the wonders that this place has to offer.

One of the top 5 star resorts in Thekkady, Jungle Park resorts offer the best service to our guests. For those tourists who are heading to visit the wondrous Thekkady, the renowned Periyar Tiger Reserve and serene Periyar Lake, the stay we provide will prove to be your best choice.

Live as if You Live in a Jungle, but with the Best of Facilities.

If you decide to visit Thekkady, you will be an ardent admirer of nature and forests. Our resort is designed exactly for you. You can sense the aroma of the jungle and feel the coolness of light wind that gives you a feathery touch. Jungle Park presents our customers a wonderful view of the jungle. It makes you feel that you are living in the middle of a forest.

Once you have chosen to stay in Jungle Park, you will realise that it is definitely the best place to stay in Thekkady. Our resort provides you with all the facilities that you will require. It is not just staying in a resort, you will receive an experience of enjoying the resort. The resort has spacious and attractive bedroom suits. The room is equipped with a comfortable bed, pillows and everything that helps you to dwell in comfort. The icing on the cake is our traditional ayurvedic treatments offered to our guests. This unique treatment will make you feel refreshed and rejuvenated. It is done by expert professionals who are sure to provide you an unforgettable experience. Thus when you choose Jungle Park, you choose elegance in every sense.